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    Ok, I’m new at this but been trying for a week and am so frustrated. I own a domain name and host thru godaddy, I also have one with hostgator. I want a blog on both but one I can customize etc so I know I need I did the one click install using both hosting sites to get the wordpress software. I then signed up on as there is no place to sign up on .org, I looked everywhere. Since i wanted just my domain name as my blog, I did the “map to my site” option so I didn’t need the in my url. I paid the $99 at sign up because i thought that would get me into the .org ussage. I then purchased a theme from a 3rd party and noticed there was no “Upload” link in the Theme settings area of my Admin section. I know its supposed to be at the top next to Manage but it wasn’t there. Google searches said that maybe i was still using and I needed to use org….HOW!?! I uploaded my theme to the theme folder using ftp on godaddy. I can see the folder for twenty eleven and twenty twelve (or whatever the other one was)and my 3rd party theme folder is right under it. I then went back to my admin panel and that theme still does not show up. I did this for my other domain thru hostgator and get the same results. Now I paid $99 to for their upgrade package which i assumed would let me upload my own theme and use adsense etc but I guess I was wrong? I’ve uninstalled and installed so many times trying different options this past week Im ready to quit. My question, how do I install and use wordpress.ORG. I do the one click install then what? PLease take me thru it step by step and I’ll be your best friend forever!!!! This is killing me. Thanks!

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    I then signed up on as there is no place to sign up on .org

    That’s not really necessary. There are no “accounts” for self-hosted WordPress sites other than the one you used here. Each of your sites has its own, independent, login – usually something along the lines of

    That said, the account will come in useful if you want to use the Akismet and/or Jetpack plugins (I’d definitely recommend the former) as you will need a API key to activate them. So no harm done there.

    I paid the $99 at sign up because i thought that would get me into the .org ussage

    Oh dear! is separate to and the WordPress software. If you contact them via (reference this topic if it helps), you may be able to get a refund on that. WordPress – the software – is completely free.

    With regard to your GoDaddy and Hostgator sites, what domain names are you using?

    If you want to use wordpress on your own host then you should have your domain name pointing your host at registrar.
    if you post your url we can see if your domain name pointing to or your host.

    Once we know then can help you on how setup your wordpress using your own host where their is no limitation.

    Ok great, sounds like we’re on the right track. That $99 has a 30 day refund so i should be ok there.

    The first domain is That is the one ive been trying all week with. Just last night I deleted the blog in hopes of trying everything from scratch again. The second domain is I haven’t fooled with that at all after signing up for wordpress. I did try and install the 3rd party theme though and it is uploaded to the themes folder but I can’t access it thru the wp-admin so i know im still under .com.

    Ok, so I have the one click install on both host sites, now what? My phantombuck wordpress blog was deleted however the one is still up. That was also signed up thru and mapped to the domain name.

    I screwed up big I guess 🙁



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    Right now is pointing to You need to get that domain pointed back to your own hosting. Bear in mind that once the domain change is underway, it may take up to 72 hours to complete. is also pointing to a site. so again, you need to get that name pointed to your other hosting account. Once this is all complete, we can look again at your hosting and see if/where WordPress is installed, so that we can give you a precise login url.

    I screwed up big I guess

    It’s an easy mistake to make and you’re not the first person to get WordPress and confused. Thankfully, it’s all reversible and, with luck, you shouldn’t be left out of pocket.

    Ok awesome! Thank you so much! I should have thought about getting the domain back to the hosting accounts, I was wondering why it was still showing up over there. I would do this by changing the nameservers correct? I just did that now, I’ve done it before and it usually just took a few hours so hopefully we can revisit this tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help so far, I’m feeling much better.

    And wordpress was great, my money has been refunded already!



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    I would do this by changing the nameservers correct?


    it usually just took a few hours

    The change itself is usually quite quick but it can take up to 72 hours for that change to propagate to all of the DNS severs worldwide, so you may find that access to the sites is a little patchy for a day or so.

    Glad to hear that you’re not out of pocket now. 🙂

    Thanks for the help. Once you guys got me to get my domain name to my host I was able to figure the rest out. Damn, a weeks worth of aggravation could have been saved by coming here first. Thanks again

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