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  • Hi all…
    warning: I’m new to all this…and not a coder…

    When I go to Posts->Category (so Edit Category appears at the top),
    the “Description” text box appears for just a brief second and then completely disappears (like a ghost) so I can no longer edit it. Help! Any advice? I can’t seem to figure it out…

    Thank you!

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  • What theme are you using?

    Is “Description” ticked under Screen options?
    EDIT: in any case,if you select edit for a certain category you can enter/change the cat description.

    Yes, indeed it is.
    Actually you can still see the header “Description” on the left side of the page, but on the right where the text box is…nothing!
    Or I should say the text box, with current text inside, appears for just a fraction of a second before going away. The word “Description” remains.
    It has worked in the past, but recently with some change it has gone away 🙁
    I am not actually sure what theme I am using. It was based on some free one from a couple years ago, now modified. But I don’t see a reference to the theme name (although I might be looking right past it and not even know – the current theme in Appearance > Themes just has the website name on it and then the text below says “custom theme” which I guess was changed by the person who helped me ages ago).

    It sounds like this is your theme but one way to be sure is to switch to the default theme and then see if it then works. If that is not the case then it could be a plugin. Which means to disable all plugins and then activate them one by one until your issue shows up. You then know what the culprit is and you can target that. This is the only way to troubleshoot. Start eliminating possibilities.

    It was working fine (with this theme) for a couple of years. So I guess it must then be related to a plugin? (or I guess the interaction of the plugin plus the theme). Curiously, I haven’t installed any new plugins, so this started happening although I didn’t install any new plugins (only updated existing…trying not to add anything since I don’t know what I’m doing!!).
    It sounds like then the best would be to deactivate all of the plugins and then start adding back one by one and see when thing “break” again. Thank you – I’ll start trying this…

    What version of wp are you using? If you updated recently then the theme may not be compatible with the new version.

    Sorry, I should have added that one:
    3.5.1, and all of my plug-ins are up-to-date.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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