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    I am re-posting this hoping it get’s attention. I cannot get the post excerpts to NOT appear on the home page of my site. I am using the “Small Business” theme. Right now the site is located at Apparently this is coded elsewhere in the theme because I cannot change it under the Appearance>Reading settings like you should be able to normally. IF you have experience in this theme, OR know where I can change this code, what I want to do is eliminate these post excerpts from the home page, BUT NOT LOSE the ability for the featured posts (and associated featured images) from appearing in the slider at the top of the home page. I would like to replace the excerpts with static content. Have I confused things? If you are not sure, can you recommend where I can get further help?

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  • It’s really against the forum rules to post duplicate threads – WordPress.ORG has no control over whether a developer supports a theme. Yes, they should, but that does not always happen. You might want to try the developer’s site here:

    Small Business

    That said, I’ve not used this theme before but I just installed the theme on a test site – I’m not sure what you want to change, but if it’s the boxes just below the slider – those can be changed under
    Appearance > Small Business Options.

    Or is it something else you’re trying to change.

    Thanks for the reply. Yep … I slightly broke their rules here, but I figured I eda fresh start trying to articluate my issue, which I may still have failed in doing. The piece you mentioned are called “Featured Boxes.” They are not my concern. It is further down the home page where you will see excerpts of the most recent posts. These I want to eliminate off the home page. I want to turn that area, instead, into static content. The problem is that I know how to adjust the sode that indicates the number of post excerots appearing here, but when that is done, it also illiminates the images that flash through the slider at the top of the page. They must be connected. Also, this cannot be changed in the the normal theme way of simply going to Appearance>Reading and setting the home page to static. Doesn’t work that way in this theme. I want to remove those excerpts, but keep the slider images working (with each image asociated with a recent post). D5 creations website is of very little help, even in submitting a forum thread — unless you pay for a subscription. I have found their theme to be wonderful … but not necessitly their support. This may not be resolvable here, I understand. If not, that’s fine. Just want to make one last stab at it before I hire the help.

    I just checked my test site again and although (I think) it seemed to work last night when I changed the home page under Settings > General, today it won’t. So that seems like either something is wrong with the theme or ?? Sorry I don’t have anything more helpful to suggest – you probably do need to get help from the devs.

    Thanks for hopping in here, though, and taking a look!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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