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    I first installed BWPS on new site (with about 6 plugins) and all good untill I selected the ssl for the admin – which I now know I haven’t got! – and have eventually managed to delete BWPS file in my cPanel, edit the .htaccess and wp-config files to get me back in…

    BUT now when I re-install BWPS, it’s not a clean install as there must be some residual code left in from before, then main problem seems to be the change of my user ID from #1 to #2 – and now I can’t access any pages etc in my admin, or see any private pages (ones I’m developing for a new site), only public ones.

    I’ve tried changing the ID back to #1 in my php admin (thought didn’t select the MD5 option as don’t really understand this), but that shut me out of everything!

    Please can anyone tell me how to safely change back to udes id #1 – or how to undo what the BWPS did for this???

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  • The SAME thing just happened to me. I’m in panic mode. Can anybody help???

    Hey 5High,
    I did some digging around in the forum to look for quicker answers. I just used ftp to replace old .htaccess file with an older one (before I made the changes) and it seemed to work like a charm. I created another admin account with another one of my email address just to be safe. Not sure how necessary that really was, but I figured it couldnt hurt.

    Hi Portblade,

    Thanks for that info – I’d spent a few hours scouring the forums too! – though what I hadn’t thought of was creating a new user account (MUCH simpler!!). I’d already changed the old .htaccess and wp-config.php files, though maybe I missed something in them – I’ll look again. Also I think the BWPS makes some of the changes in the database files – hence my attempt at changing my ID in my phpAdmin. I also re-installed my database backup, but that didn’t seem to help – so the new user thing is probably best.

    However, as this is part of a full new site, and I’d rather not have any residual code that might effect it later (at a much more crucial stage), my first option is for a full home directory install – which I’m currently working on (as it doesn’t seem to be loading properly).

    Thanks for your help – I’ll follow up with my final solution – though what I’ve learned from this disaster is that it’s much much better to uninstall a plugin via my wp admin – and NOT just delete it on the server! Good lesson.


    All sorted now. Did full reinstall of my directory and database, but STILL couldn’t access user ID#1, so obviously some rather permanent changes made by BWPS! However, also did what Portblade suggested, and created a new user (and then deleted my old one, just to be sure I didn’t use it by mistake and mess it up again) and all good.
    If this happens to anyone else, probably doing what Portbalde suggested above should be fine, and forget all the extra stuff!



    I met the same trouble! After I installed BWPS and turned on SSL mode, I can not access to wp-admin. I deleted BWPS folder in plugin page (via hosting panel) and romoved all BWPS code in .htchess but it’s still not working. I deleted the old .htaccess it still not working. Please give me a solve! Everything I do via hosting panel.



    well it’s ages since it happenned to me, so all I can suggest is to re-upload a backup .htaccess file (or even one from a clean w/p download) as you need certain code in the file for w/p to work, then as soon as you get access to the admin panel create a new user and delete the old one.
    Personally, I preferred the totally clean install, as I was developing a new site, but it obviously depends on the stage you’re at with your site…
    Sorry i can’t be of more help – just follow the info above. Good luck!

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