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  • I need help, in a big, big way.

    I’m trying to log in to WordPress which is hosted on Network Solutions. Well, it’s a network solutions wordpress blog, there’s no real hosting package which means NO FTP access at all.

    The syntax error was caused when I, by accident, added the wrong code to the functions.php file. Now I cannot access the dashboard at all, which means I can’t fix that or even change the theme or anything.

    Network solutions has been no help. They’re saying there’s no way to delete the theme or even edit the files at this point without FTP access.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? 🙁

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  • Chris Olbekson


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    Unfortunately you are at their mercy. It looks like they charge $60 to provide support in a case like this. I would suggest upgrading to whatever package they have that actually gives you access to your sites files.

    Once you get access you will have to manually edit your functions.php and remove whatever you added.

    Where did you find the information about the $60 fee? They never mentioned that over the phone and I didn’t see anything on their site about that.

    I’d be willing to pay that fee, as outrageous as I think that is, because the site is my client’s and I’m at fault for the error. This was the first time I ever messaged with a blog hosted this way and had no my mistake was going to wind up this way. 🙁

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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