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  1. erickacevedor
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    Hi all.
    I am just coming to this community and I have time (something like three months) managing WordPress :D, but I have a little problem here, and i would like to know if you are kind enough to help me:

    It turns out that Im making a website for a very important customer in WordPress, but the client knows nothing about computers, programming or anything like that and wanted a custom design (so far so good, I have advanced experience in the layout, css and all that stuff) but then my question is:

    How I can establish "zones", "blocks" or "regions" made for my (via CSS and HTML using normal dvis tag) in any part of the site, BUT I need to manage those areas using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor and modify the information as you want?

    I would like to know if possible with WordPress. Thank you very much for your help, I have some urgency in this matter.

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