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  • What is the best way to setup and design multiple WordPress websites? I can set up WP etc on my computer and then transfer it to a hosted one i.e. put it online). But then I have t setup everything on my computer. I have only been working on one site at the time and those sites are already online when I was working on them. But what’s the best way to work on more than one WP sites, and have them setup (themes designed etc) before putting them online??

    I thought of getting a “testing” domain and finding a host and work o a WP site online and then transferring it online. But can I work on more than one WP site at a time?

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • I have five live WP installations on one domainname, but of course in subfolders and one test folder to mess around with (behind a htaccess password). Does that answer your question?

    Thanks, Gangleri – but I think my main concerns are:

    (1) I need to be able to work on individual websites offline (i.e. so that it’s not accessible online when they are still under development). It seems that the only way is to set up WP on my own computer. But since I am more of a designer and programmer, I am worried that when I get to transfer the site back to a live WP host, it won’t work right.

    (2) These sites will eventually each have their own domain name and possibly host by different hosts.

    Thus, with my limited knowledge, I thought of getting one domain name as a “testing” domain as I said. To me, this means that I can work on the site under a different domain name to the “real” one, and transfer the site to the real domain/host when it is fully done.

    Are you saying that I can have multiple sites under one domain name/WP installation? If I work on them there, will I have any problem when I try to transfer them back to their individual “real” domain name under another host?

    Thanks for any advice.

    You will have to make some changes and follow a few steps to move the sites to a new domain name (regardless of whether you are hosting locally on your computer or a development environment online).

    Once you get the process of moving sites down it’s actually pretty quick and easy.

    Check out:

    Are you saying that I can have multiple sites under one domain name/WP installation?

    you can have multiple installs in different subdomains/directories

    I have my main site at, but I have another testing install at plus various other setups at, etc

    Thanks, dcannon1 and RVoodoo. I will check out the link.

    So which is a better option? – getting a testing domain and setting up a site for working on sites online? Or installing WP, SQL, PHP etc. on my own machine. Although I have someone who can do a proper installation for me, will it faster and cleaner if I just register a testing domain and go that route? I have been using an ISP who can have everything installed for me. I will have to pay for this option, but will this be better in the long-run?

    Thanks again for any advice!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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