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    I took a working theme and changed it for my purposes. This works great as a stand alone html doc, and even works great when is serves out HTML for Internet Explorer, but no other browsers. Once I change it to XHTML, it breaks. It passes validation.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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  • two small steps to begin with:

    this following area is too wide, so the content is forced to below the sidebar – change the width (in style.css):

        margin: 0px;
        padding: 50px 20px 0px 35px;
        width: 640px; /*changed from 700px;*/
        font-size: 90%;background:green;

    to get the background to show all the way down (in firefox), edit footer.php, at the end – change this:


    to this:

    <div style="display:block;clear:both;"></div>

    hopefully, this helps and does not disturb the IE.

    I still can’t get the background image to repeat…I’ve never seen this. This is usually pretty easy.

    Any other ideas?

    I’m changing the body’s background color so that I can at least read the site.

    Here’s a screen shot of how it’s suppose to look. I actually do this for a living and have never seen this issue. It’s like my divs are all off. The header isn’t even right.

    small typo:

    <div stlye=display:block;clear:both;"></div>

    should read:
    <div style="display:block;clear:both;"></div>

    and a mistake from me:
    position of the extra line was wrong:
    this is the correction:

    <div style="display:block;clear:both;"></div>

    hope you can spot the difference and have luck in editing the footer.php.

    Ok…thanks for the help so far.

    I added some display:block and float: left…and now the formatting is correct.

    One problem, my background-image is missing.

    Any idea why this would be missing?

    Ok…got the image back as long as I use a float: left on the myBody section. This means it doesn’t center that area.

    If I take off the float:left, I center the content, but lose the image.


    nearly looks ok in firefox.
    (the float helps, but makes the site off-center)

    the spelling mistakes are still in this line:
    here again the correct one:

    <div style="display:block; clear:both;"></div>

    (the word style is misspelled, and a double quote missing.)

    please take the time to correct this in footer.php.

    THANKS. I corrected the typo and was able to take out the ‘float: left’ and get my site centered.

    Thanks a bunch for all your help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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