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  • Hi there,
    Just started using the theme and must say I really like it so far.
    I know basic html/css and have JUST started venturing into My head is spinning!

    Basically, I desire the exact look found here:
    getbootstrap carousel theme example

    and want to know how to implement it using wordpress. I feel like this theme gets me the closest. I currently have a countdown page up on my site, but I unfiltered this page so hopefully you can see this page.

    I have a similar look, however obviously it is not quite the same because A.) the navbar is the standard navbar for the theme, and B.) the carousel is contained within the container, so it is not true 1`00% width. I also really despise the page header showing and that dotted line on the bottom!? I can display:none; them with css, but was wondering if there is a better way to do that.

    I am also having a problem with the carousel where the carousel is going through the 1,2, and 3, and then disappears! Please tell how I make it rotate back to 1 instead of disappearing.

    I would also be OK with it if instead of changing the navbar to the one in the above example, you could make the carousel display beneath the navbar that you have implemented with this theme. That way, I’d be able to just reduce the background opacity with CSS to get my desired look.

    Having said ALL of that, I see that in your theme demo you do have the carousel actually displaying full width. How can I do that using this theme? It’s also worth noting that I am unable to figure out how to add or remove anything from the Appearance > bootstrap UL options > homepage options > What to display? AND Exclude from home. For whatever reason, I am unable to adjust those lists at all. Please help!

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  • Okay so it seems like my real problem is my inability to add and delete stuff from the Appearance > bootstrap UL options > homepage options > What to display? AND Exclude from home. I am unable to add and remove anything from these menus! As is, ALL features are listed under the ‘exclude’ section (carousel being most important)!
    Can you post a step by step on how to add and remove stuff from this? I feel like I am somehow being blocked from it, because I can’t imagine the function is too difficult…

    Unable to edit the above post (#2), however please DISREGARD it. I figured out how to add/remove stuff from those lists :facepalm:

    Site is here:

    I am still having trouble with the 100% width slider. I have chosen to go with the html carousel that the bootstrap carousel example uses, because I like how it looks/operates. I want it to be 100% width, however I have given up on it for now. I can expand the div it is inside to 100%, which makes the slider 100% (plus the padding), however it throws the post portion of the homepage out of alignment. That can be fixed with width:1170px; and margins left/right auto, BUT it kills the responsiveness (a big dealbreaker!).

    Any tips/advice?
    Big thanks! If you get around to this (even if unable to figure it out), I’ll add my 5 star review. I just want to wait to see if I can get support before reviewing, since the theme is a little complex & support likely needed!

    Is the child theme for this useless? I am adding stuff to my child theme style.css sheet and it is doing nothing. As is, I will have to add all of my css to every individual page! this will severely bloat my site.

    Theme Author eminozlem


    There’s no known issues with child theme, I’ve used the theme with child themes. The style changes you make might be overriden by theme options or something else. Use firebug or summat to debug.
    I suggest using the “override.css” for css overrides, as it’s the last file loaded just before closing /head.

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