[resolved] Help a newbie! (How can I setup a shoutbox?) (3 posts)

  1. fragmonger
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I need a step-by-step guide on how to add a 'shoutbox' to my website's sidebar. (My site: 360rantrave.com).


    I suck at this stuff. I wish my web skills matched my writing skills. HELP!

    Thanks in advance. :)

  2. mmusil
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Don't sweat it, we all have to start somewhere.

    I can think of two options for adding a shoutbox to your site:

    1)Get a "shoutbox" plugin like WP Wall or Wordspew. I've never used either of these plugins but they both receive high rankings. Looks like they will create a "shoutbox" widget on your sidebar.

    2)Sign up for a free shoutbox site. (just google "shoutbox" and you'll have plenty to choose from.) Set up your account and get your shoutbox code. Add a text widget to your sidebar and put the shoutbox code inside that widget.

    Good luck!

  3. fragmonger
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go.

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