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  1. chasandchalila
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi all,
    I'm new to wordpress - I have no past experience in coding, I am only familiar with HTML.

    I found wordpress after looking up some free templates and I found a really cool one called "infinity" specially designed for wordpress.
    So through some tutorials I was first led to wordpress.com, where I have opened an account, and then here to wordpress.org, where I downloaded the folders in the "5 minute tutorial."

    Now, you may find this funny because you are all familiar with wordpress but I got myself into a blunder resulting from major inexperience. My only intention was to upload this "infinity" template so that it will show up in the [design: themes] part of my wordpress.com account so that I will ultimately be able to open my own blog/personal site.

    So.. this is what I understood from the tutorials (stop me if I'm wrong about any of these, because it's somewhere along the way that I got stuck. lol.)
    1. After downloading the 5 minute installation/wordpress folders, you must open an ftp server. I opened one on a free ftp server at drivehq.com (which, by the way, terminated my membership a few hours ago because they claim that I uploaded wordpress files onto the server and they don't deal with wordpress - is there some other ftp server that deals with wordpress that you would recommend, preferably free?)

    2. I uploaded all of the wordpress folder which I downloaded off here onto the server under a folder I called "wordpress" - I did this all through filezilla.

    3. Under the same folder, I uploaded the "infinity" theme folder which I downloaded to the "themes" folder of the wordpress folder.

    4. -- this is where a tutorial led me to think that by doing so, the infinity theme will now be added to the themes of my wordpress.com account.


    --> don't you need something to connect the files you just uploaded to the drivehq ftp server to wordpress.com?

    --> wordpress.com and wordpress.org seem to be two very different things -- and when I look up instructions on themes in wordpress.org, it leads me to a supposed "admin panel" that I can never get to. Confusion!!!

    --> some tutorial mentioned opening a mySQL databse -- I downloaded mySQL, but I don't know the language since I'm a total newbie and I have NO IDEA HOW TO OPEN A DATABASE (some tutorial explained that I will need to update the "wp-config.php" document according to the database information -- wow, how the heck do I do that)

    Anyways guys, I got myself into a problem. LOL. If any of you could please explain how I can simply upload the infinity theme for wordpress onto the themes on wordpress.com via. a tutorial designed for a TOTAL NOOB, that would be great.

    Sorry for letting you in on my headache.


  2. Roy
    Posted 7 years ago #

    wordpress.com and wordpress.org seem to be two very different things

    They have nothing to do with eachother other than that they're from the same 'company'. .com Is something like blogger, .org is a self-hosted WP installation.
    .org requires that you have your own server space (for example hosting), a domain name, etc. You have to create a database, upload and install WP and do everything yourself.
    If you want to continue with your .com blog, you better ask your questions as the .com forums.

  3. Don
    Posted 7 years ago #

    But to answer your question, there is not way to add your own themes to wp.com. You have to select from their many pages of choices, of which Infinity is not an option at this time.

    What you did would work for setting up your own site, although you would want a web hosting site and not an FTP site.


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