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    My names Jason, but you can call me virus. I would really appreciate anyone who helps out a local school. I am setting up thier website for the first time and each teacher, student, and parent needs to be able to log in and utilize this site. Can someone, anyone, build a plugin(s) that does the following:

    * add student, teachers, and parents. (would like the ability to link parents to students.)

    * take attendance for said students. : Each teacher role kan edit thier student list and attendance/ student list will be saved.

    * teachers kan enter grades and student/parents kan view them.

    *Teachers can have multiple student lists(classes).

    Please, Please, Help me. I went to this school and I am tryin to give back to the school in multiple ways. Helping them virtually being one.
    Please, Please Help me.!

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    How familiar are you with PHP?

    Not very familiar. If i read it I could understand some of it. As far as developing it…I can try (which I already am). Im a digital Medi Arts major and next semester Ill be taking php. Im also using w3 schools to learn as well.

    Also thank you for at the very least replying. Most people on most forums I’ve posted on ignored me.

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    What stage are you at with the School’s WordPress website?

    We had to switch servers so I have to reinstall wordpress on this new server. Ill have that done in about 2 hours ( if that ).Next Ill look for a theme fit for a elementary/middle school. Then post the content like clubs and what not. Then ( because I’m forced to do this last) I must setup the backend for Teacher, students, and parents.

    This is not inherently hard to handle, though it would require many-to-many relations between WordPress users. I would imagine that by theme or plugin, add the following:

    1. A custom meta field for users to define relationships between users (child of, parent of, teacher to, etc.).
    2. A custom post type to handle classes, clubs or similar (users can belong to various classes and clubs)
    3. Encrypted/secure way for parents/pupils to view report cards, set by teachers to an anonymous ID, by entering this ID. It must be secure, as this is regarded as highly sensitive information and not available publicly.

    Essentially, it requires not that you have all that much experience in PHP or with WordPress, as help with that is available through google, this forum and sites such as WordPress.StackExchange, but rather that you are able to abstract the required relations between users, post types and information to a level that allows you to create the system for these relations.

    Though I have not reviewed it fully, WP-CRM might be helpful in regards to handling users, and I would also highly recommend Posts to Posts, which helps greatly in achieving many-to-many relations between WordPress elements.

    DUUUUUUUDE! OMMFG! THANK YOU! Idk if this is gonna work but THANK YOU for replying.!! Thank you! Thank you! thank you! You two rock!!!

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    If you need support with specific issues, try the forums;
    Themes & Templates
    How To & Troubleshooting

    Remember, we can’t help you with any commercial themes or plugins.

    “Remember, we can’t help you with any commercial themes or plugins.”

    Huh? I didn’t understand that at all in anyway.

    It’s just the policy of the forums to not provide support for plugins that charge money for use (premium/commercial). However, the two I mentioned are both free and open-source (like WordPress and technically all plugins/themes should be).

    Point being, that various plugins have various authors, and though I have used posts-to-posts, I am no expert in how it works and its potential. I can offer help into how to use it etc., as I can review the code itself, but with a premium/commercial plugin I would not be able to, as the authors as such are themselves responsible for support for the product for which they charge money.

    Gotcha! (A month later…. [>.>] )

    Hey Virus, I’m looking to do basically the same ting, you mind sharing how you achieved this? I’m trying to help out a school also.

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