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    So I’ve been looking at wordpress, and I think it’s what I need, but I am not quite understanding how I can do what I’d like to accomplish with it, so if someone can point me in the right direction that’d be wonderful.

    I have a site that I’m building in CSS (my first one, so it’s relatively basic, sans the Flash Header and Flash Navigation I’ve got) and on my homepage “index.html” I want to be able to post my “news” about my business (we sell sponsorships). It’s a 2 column layout. Main content area, which would be my “news” (dyanmic ?wordpress? content) and then a sidebar, where I’ll have some static content.

    So how do I simply integrate wordpress’s “posting” ability to post my news/info into a <div> on that page…or am I misunderstanding how wordpress can be used, and would I have to build the site with/around it instead?

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  • allstar


    They way I’ve understood it you want you main ‘index’ page to have news on it.

    WordPress doesn’t by default have index.html as its main page, it has index.php, a subtle difference but worth pointing if your concerned about such things. Usually you just see the forward slash then all the sub pages/posts etc. This can be ‘faked’ using the built in permalink structure but the modern way is not to show the ‘index.html’

    You would be better putting your design around the information wordpress displays. This is what is called a theme. They are not scarey things, many are available for free from and many more outthere although you are better staying on wordpress’ home turf.

    The pages you will be refering to most if you decide to input wordpress into your design are here. You put them where you want the information they create to appear. Everything is well documented so if you read enough you’ll be one of the best around.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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