• Hi,

    I am having sssooo much trouble its not funny. A few questions here.

    In the data tab on my dashboard there is no contact form or configuration which I am meant to click on to create a contact form so the tutorial says to do. Any ideas please of why that is?! I have installed all my pluggins and themes.

    Q2: I have installed 4 themes but only 2 work. Help!! I am using the one I don’t really want to.

    Q3: Beside the plugin tab there is a #1 a small size
    highlighted in red beside the word plugin and also at the
    end of the links of data. Is this something to worry about?
    It does not mention this on the tutorials.

    Q4: At the end of the installed plugs it says this: “If
    something goes wrong with a plugin and you can’t use
    WordPress, delete or rename that file in the
    /home/llani/public_html/wp-content/plugins directory and it
    will be automatically deactivated”.

    Is that something to worry about? I would appreciate any
    information you can give me please. I paitently await your

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  • Q1 a contact form doesn’t come with WP by default. You need a plugin for that.
    Q2 That’s not a lot of info. What, how, when where, perhaps a link would be helpfull.
    Q3 This means that you have one plugin that needs to be updated. There’s also a bar saying “there’s a new version of this plugin” under that plugin on the plugins page.
    Q4 That’s just for information. When something goes wrong, do what it says there.

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