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  • Hello. I am brand new to WP and need some help. I am trying to stand up a clean little site for a small business friend of mine. I am trying to learn how to use WP and customize it at the same time. The template I am playing with right now is Ad Mag-Lite.

    Anyway, I want the front default page to show a static article at the top so they can easily add any new news or announcements. Then under that I want to be able to have other articles as the see fit, most likely showing inventory and such they are selling.

    I have 2 pages and 2 articles written to test. The front page is only showing the excerpts for the 2 articles and I want to be able to see the whole articles, like I said above. I would rather not edit any code for something so simple if I can help it. How can I make the change?

    Like I said, I want a full static article at the top, and then other full articles listed below, like as a history.

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    Until I get this resolved, I have just pointed the homepage to my About Us page, which is static.

    I also notice the Breaking News thing at the top isn’t doing anything.

    I would also like to be able to put a logo/banner at the top of the page where the name is. I know the option to put in a logo in the control panel, but it’s only like a 150×150. I’d like to put in something wider if possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I’ve been hacking about on the theme. The news ticker seems to ONLY draw from the uncategorised category and nothing else. That seems broken to me.

    Static front page is possible. Make the page you want. In the customizer, you should be able to switch to static front page and choose your new page. I’ve not tried it with this theme but that’s generally how these things work.

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