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    I want to have the logo kept on the left until the browser is under the breakpoint and when it squashes I would like the Logo centered and the Header right under the logo and centered as well so it still has the slogan under the logo along with the banner please. Some advice here for me please. Thanks.

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  • Link your current website, because the default theme does not have a logo. Linking the original theme also saves people from having to look it up.

    It is possible you can modify the collapse flow with CSS, but only if lucky, otherwise its custom Jquery/JS

    It’s on the backend and cos i’m still working on it I don’t want people to see it until it’s correct – how would I need to do the collapse flow with CSS – then I can tell you if that works.

    What I mean is that I don’t know what logo you are talking about because the default theme does not have a logo. Also there are multiple headers and I don’t know witch one you mean. You mean the website title?

    There’s a site logo for top left header – the widget i want centering upon the screen under break point is the right header widget.

    This is what I am looking at to try and figure out what you mean.
    You can see how I am not really following, I see no widgets, no logos, ect.

    If you want a general answer, creating a differnt set of styling for before and after the collapse event usualy does not work out, because CSS is not a conditional language.

    you need to install it onto wordpress and see the widgets then

    and you answering qujestion to front page …obviously you don’t use it….

    No I don’t. usually if someone has the site up and I can look at it I just use the developer consol to answer there questions. I guess in your case I can’t help.

    don’t help if you never use the theme or knowing exact issue or possible issue…

    Theme Author Pavan Solapure


    Hi olivertwist2007
    Did you check the theme on mobile or small devices?

    Logo comes to center automatically. I suggest you install theme on some local or any development server then try and add logo and see on smaller devices.

    No I haven’t. I decreased the size of my screen and that should it automatically as in centering the logo – does that supposed to do it with the right header under the logo too? Still need these help with adjusting these please.

    Theme Author Pavan Solapure


    On smaller devices the right side header(which is meant for some banner or social widget, atleast I designed with this perspective in mind) is hidden.

    This you will experience on browsers too when you make the browser viewport smaller.

    Okay, so please could you advise me how to make the right side header become center below the site logo when it’s viewed under the breakpoint – thanks.

    Logo seems to still be left and doesn’t center at all – still would like the right header to be able to center under the logo when squashed under breakpoint – also I’d like to be able to make the right header text centered etc.

    Can you post a link to your site, and I will take a look?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 44 total)
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