• I am a complete beginner with this web site set up so please, if anyone is kind enough to reply, spell it out in black and white !. Basically someone else set my website up for me and has now passed over control to me. This is it http://www.debbielias.co.uk. I have a few teething problems and although I have searched and searched I do not know where to find the answers. Firstly, on the home page, I have three of my albums in my gallery showing (I have a total of 5 altogether) and lots of thumbnails. However all I want on this page are the title of each of the 5 albums and a banner image under each one which, when selected takes you to that album. The second problem is with the ‘Gallery’ word in the top righthand corner – when I select it a drop down menu appears but as I try to then select one of the words from the drop down menu it disappears. I would be really grateful for any help.


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    Looks like you are using a commercial theme from Elegant Themes — so you need to contact them for help. Support is part of what you paid for with a commercial theme – and they are not supported here — partly because they are not freely available for testing and use by people here. So, to a large, extent, it’s not possible for people here to help with theme-specific problems.

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