• I need someone to set up a site as an interactive web page–just get the site set up and I can slowly learn how to run it. I have the domain name http://www.kosmosover50singles.com/. I will pay a moderate fee for the use of someone’s knowledge and expertise. The current version of “WordPress” should be updated to the newest this weekend.

    This started as merely a posting of pics for the group–now they want a decent web site for their money.

    1. First they want to be able to post an application blank for membership on the site, allow the prospective member to complete the form and send it to the member ship committee.

    2. They want search engine searches to rank it in the top 10–currently a Google search finds it on page 9.

    If anyone can help me get this off the ground I will be ever so appreciative. R. Taylor

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  • 1. I suggest using cFormsII for this, it’s highly customizable and very powerful.

    2. You’ll probably need an SEO expert for this and they aren’t cheap. The good news is that WP is very SEO friendly right out of the box and with a handful of plugins, All in One SEO being one of them, it’s a good start in the right direction.

    Try posting this in the WP Pro forum, where you can be contacted by people to discuss this project. If you have a budget limit, it’s best to state that up front.

    keeping in mind that because everyone wants to be the first hit in google for their chosen keywords, it’s often not actually possible to engineer that regardless of expertise, unless the rest of the internet decides that your site is awesome.

    that of course depends largely on your keywords and the amount of time you plan to spend on top of the list.

    SEO experts are great, but as Joni said, they’re expensive, and can often yield disappointing results in the short-to-medium term, so you really need one that’s prepared to short-change themselves if necessary, by explaining the issues.

    I will take your suggestions and thank you very much for answering. You have been most helpful.

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