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  • I’m at a loss with this; I’ve run several websites in the past (non-WP) and they have all been indexed quickly. However the site I run just now: appears not to be indexed. Except I’m not even sure if that’s right or not!
    If I do a search ‘’ I get pages listed. According to my google webmaster tools it has accepted my sitemap and has 33 urls in site index. However in ‘your site on the web’ it has no data available for ‘links to your site’ ‘keyowrds’ and ‘internal links’.

    However, I visited an SEO company today to see about some work, and they told me my site was not indexed. This website says I’m not indexed on google, bing or yahoo. I’ve been working hard with SEO – frequent content, xml sitemap, backlinks, posting 1-2 a week, using yoast seo. The site has been online since Nov 2011.

    I’m not showing up at all for my optimised keywords. I now don’t know if this is because I’m not indexing properly, or just because my SEO isn’t good enough?

    If someone could confirm whether I’m definitely indexed or not that would be a great help – and if I am, maybe explain why some sites/people say I’m not? Certainly my site does not seem to appear well in google – a temp site I made previously (not on WP) indexes higher for the same content, and it has no backlinks or anything!

    very confused… :o$

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  • Michael


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    you seem to be in direct competition with your other site – the … one.

    posible one of the reasons that this site is not coming up with the search terms.

    it has to be indexed as the site comes up in google search if you put in a long anough sentence from the site content.

    maybe best to continue talks with the seo experts – this WordPress forum can provide links to the plugins, but is not the right space to ask about seo.

    Your site is indexed, but it appears that it is not ranking.

    The ‘’ query in Google will tell you if your site is indexed or not and since there are results showing up your site is indexed.

    Thanks very much. I was not looking for SEO advice here, I was just trying to understand why some places were saying my site wasn’t indexed. If you’re saying it’s in direct competition then it sounds like I should either delete all the pages of the old site, or put in 301 redirects for all the old pages….

    Thanks for the help :o)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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