• I have a few questions about some code and how to make it do what I want it to, if possible. Please keep in mind that I have very limited knowledge of how this code works, I just paste it from the hacks that people have written and fool around with it very slowly. I appreciate any help with the following, thank you in advance! 🙂
    I have private as my category for password protected posts that are posted. It’s category #2.
    First question: I use the comment plugger. Is there a way to remove the output of who has left comments on the private entries?If so, how?
    Second question: I use Matt’s Acronymit script. My acronyms won’t pick up the second instance of something. The latest post on my blog has PDA in there twice, it’s only underline twice, although the second PDA does have the “help” cursor when you float over it, but there isn’t anything on the cursor. Is there a fix for this, if so, what is it?
    Third question: I use Blog Stats and I want to not show the private category in the recent 10 posts, any comments that people have left, 10 most commented posts, basically have it hidden in the blog stats everywhere. I mean it’s private, so I want to keep it private, y’know? 😉 Is there a way to do this, if so, how?
    Fourth question: I use Blog Stats and I would like to link the categories to the actual category. It’s not in the code and I have no idea how to do this. Can it be done, if so, how?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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  • 30 people have viewed this and no one knows how to do any of these things? 🙁

    … please be patient… your questions are not always directed to the guys that read the posts.
    btw, your requests are all about modifications/hacks and not the core itself, so i will suggest you to search for these specific hacks in the Hacks forum and ask your questions directly in their proper threads … this will bring you the good answers from the coders themselves…
    good luck

    🙂 Just saw your post. So here are some semblances of answers.
    1) (Assuming you mean passworded posts when you say private posts) Find the function that creates the commenter plugger names in index.php and wrap it in this if statement:
    if (empty($post->post_password)) {
    2) Take the second $text=…blah… out of the code and replace the first $test=… with:
    $text = preg_replace(“#$acronym(?!</(ac|sp))#”, “$acronym”, $text);
    3) A fair amount of extra code is needed to keep private (again assuming you mean passworded entries) entries out of these stats. I would make GamerZ a request to add that featuer.
    4) I think this version spits out the categories’ links:
    Hope these help a little.

    LL: About the stats file, this seems to break the links in comment sections. All the links are apparently going to the today’s date…

    Thanks Mark (LL) 🙂 Yup, password protected is what I meant. I will try your suggestions…thanks!
    Nexia, I was bumping it to the top so that it would be seen. I know that people will see it eventually. I have searched the hacks and if admin would like to move this to the hacks, that would be cool. 🙂 The entire post was aimed at the coders that did the hacks.

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