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  • I am doing a online shop with WOOcommerce plugin (I use Mantra as my theme). I want to make the site appear like this:

    1. There is a front page with 2 sidebars witch differ from 2. and 3.
    2. There is about 4 pages that aren’t part of the web store. They should have only 1 sidebar and different widgets from 1. and 3.
    3. The online shop sites should have 2 sidebars with different widgets than 1. and 3.

    I can change the amount of sidebars only for “normal” sites. I have the base layout on 2 sidebars (from mantra settings) and I can edit settings of specific sites in their edit windows by drop-down-list. I also have custom sidebar widget plugin for adding different widget on different sites.

    The problem is that either of those tricks won’t work with front-page, Woocommerce-pages or in category-pages. When i try to change those sites layout it doesn’t effect at all! I can only change them by changing the hole base-layout in mantra setting, but then i cant reach my 1., 2., 3. goals 🙁

    So i need
    A) Get a way to effect only front-page sidebars and widgets
    B) Get a way to effect only category-page sidebars and widgets
    C) Get a way to effect only woocommerse pages sidebars and widgets

    Basically solving two of those is enough, because the third can be done by changing the whole base-layout from mantra settings.

    Any help??

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  • Oh, BTW sorry for my possible English mistakes. I’m from Finland 🙂

    I now can manage sidebars widgets with Widget logic. The problem still remains with the page layout. How can I get home- and shop- page to show 2 side bars and others to show 1?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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