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  • Hi, I’m George and this is my first WordPress site. Sometimes I wish I’d had a pro do the site, but money and time forced me to do it on my own!
    The only thing I really wish is that the title didn’t just say UIA Texas Health (the theme I used ran out of space- but I still think it’s a cool theme).
    UIA Texas Health

    is the site and my seo for texas health insurance could use some work too!
    I’m looking forward to any feedback, constructive criticism.. anything that helps would be much appreciated! I do like the new sociable plug in although I wonder if it looks professional.

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  • Nice job George,

    I like the clean simple design. It looks like you learned a little about WordPress along the way which is good. You also have very clear focus on driving users to the get a quote page which is probably what they are trying to do when they come to the site.

    From a usability standpoint I have a few issues. Your using bloggy stuff on static content driven pages. You should lose the author, icons and comment count stuff under your contact page title.

    The scrolling content on the home page is lost. Most of your users will never see any of that. Scrolling is fine for articles and such but the way you have it laid out is awkward. I would make those 1 line titles with links to the rest of the copy if it’s important.

    The social media buttons scream out here are bunch of buttons you can click if you want to. Users will not be sharing the cities you service to their thousands of followers but they might share a link to your site and maybe would want to know if you had some presence on one of those networks.

    Insurance type websites are normally used by users who need to find something or are trying to make a decision and they probably don’t really want to even go to your website but they have to. Your job or a professional designers job is to try and make that process a little less painful.

    A great example of a website that achieves this is These guys probably spent well over 6 figures on that design and they achieved something that is really hard to do.

    My feed back is from the perspective of a user who also knows a little about UI and some basic design principles.

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    yeah got that message as well

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