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    Hi Mike, Jonathan form Silverstream here. Thank-you for your work on this.

    Just a quick note, the video_key uids are for matching the iframe with the JavaScript and the variables for height and aspect ratio passed to it. This is for cases where there is more than one video on the page with different player sizes. They doesn’t really have any significance beyond that and can just be any unique string e.g. generated with PHP’s uniqid() function, they just have to match.

    All the best

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    Hi Jonathan, thanks for the message!

    Makes sense, I’ll have a look at setting it by default and make the documentation a bit clearer.

    EDIT: could I just default it to be the player key? e.g. the iframe ID would be sstv_PLAYER_KEY or could you see this potentially causing issues?

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    Thanks for replying so quickly.

    If the user has the same video embedded twice on a page which might be possible on long blog pages. The way I’d do it is adding $uid = uniqid(); to the ssts_get_player() function, then just use that variable.

    Another thing is that you need to pass the height attribute through to the javascript to support higher resolutions, that may need to be without the ‘px’ though. I think out of all the videos we host only 2 are 4:3 so passing the aspect ratio is less important.

    Thanks again.

    Perfect, thanks for the quick fix.

    Plugin Author Mike Manger


    No problem, trying to improve our git-svn process so this was good practice!

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