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  • I have found this surprising hard to explain, so I will start with an illustration of a hypothetical category list (with post counts).

    Cat1 (1)
    -Cat1b (1)
    Cat2 (0)
    -Cat2b (1)
    Cat3 (0)

    So there are 2 posts, 1 in Cat1 and 1b, the other in Cat2b.
    Naturally I want to hide Cat3 as it has no posts.

    Unfortunately, using hide_empty=1 also hides Cat2, even though its sub-cat isn’t empty.

    I could of course add the second post to the top-level cat (Cat2), but this is rather laborious, and may not be up to me anyway.

    I could also use the exclude, but again that may be quite laborious and out of my control.

    Can I recommend that list_cats be changed to check the sub-categories.

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