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    My main page looks fine, but the comments page pushes the entry over the bottom of the main part of the page. In other words, the main part of the page does not extend all the way to the bottom! I have it set at height: 100%, but that’s not working. What gives?

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  • Isn’t that ironic that with a domain name like this someone is not able to “hack” a simple html/css code? 😉
    [sorry, I couldn’t resist…]

    It’s just simply bad coding of the template file(s).

    I’m creating the site for the foundation. I am not a member myself. Simply telling me it’s “bad” isn’t very helpful.

    I should ammend that it’s not going down on the main page as well:

    Also, the CSS is valid.

    I can see it’s valid (and even the html is almost valid)… It’s just that there is something wrong how the divs are nested or something prevents the main div to expand with the content. (fixed size?)

    Unfortunately I cannot see where the issue is just by a quick glance. And I cannot afford to spend longer time to de-bug it. Sorry.

    I finally got it working somehow. I’m not sure what I did that was different from how it was originally with all the stuff I tried in-between.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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