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  • I have happily been using your awesome plugin for a few years now. I just upgraded all my plugins at once (stupid I know) and afterward found my iframes no longer display properly. I dont know which plugin has caused this problem. Here is the way I have a always used the plugin, I had the width and height set so the whole content would display without scroll bars being needed. Note that this is in the left sidebar:

    [iframe src=”” width=”260″ height=”360″ ]

    After the upgrade, no matter what I set height/width to, it makes it 300 wide by 150 high. When I do a view source on the page, here is what I see:

    <iframe src=”” scrolling=”yes” class=”iframe-class” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

    Note that the width and height do not appear. The really odd thing is that I did a test and used [iframe] on a page and a post and it works completely fine. Its only using [iframe] in the sidebar that is broken.

    Any suggestions how I can get this working again? I would gladly get the pro upgrade if I knew it would fix the problem but it appears to be something that would affect that too. I think the answer is in “iframe-class” but despite searching all the css files on my page I cannot find where it is defined.

    The other major plugins I am using are Buddy Press and BBpress, and the theme is Magazine Premium at


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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    Can you share the URL with the issue?
    And what is the shortcode you are using?

    Hey, sorry about that I should have included it. I made this test page:

    The exact same shortcode is being used in both cases on this page:

    [iframe src=”” width=”260″ height=”360″ ]

    It is both in the left sidebar and the body. The body works fine, the sidebar is missing the width/height.

    Really appreciate your help!!!!

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    That is weird. I really dont know what can be the issue there.
    Can you try to retype width and height params manually just to be sure?

    It gets weirder but the good news is that I found a workaround. I tried retyping it, changing the order of height and width, enclosing the numbers in single quotes, double quotes, no quotes – all with the same result.

    Then on a lark, I decided to do something really crazy and put invalid values in. In the sidebar I used the following invalid shortcode:

    [iframe src=”” width=”xxx” height=”yyy” ]

    The absolutely CRAZY thing is that in this case, the width and height properly show up in the view source. That got me thinking. For some reason real values are being stripped out and invalid values are getting thru. I think tried the following in the sidebar and it WORKED!!! I just used escaped ascii for the numbers!

    This actually works and makes a window 360×360!!!!

    [iframe src="" width=360 height=360 ]

    Not sure if this helps you track things down but I am happy with my workaround.

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