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  • A wordpress built heavy metal webradio. I would like to have some feedbacks om my webradio design. The player is built on the WPaudio plugin.
    The top ten and radio shows are not active yet.
    I am testing out the radio, and would like to hear if there is any issues. I have tested on the latest IE, firefox, crome, and opera and it seems to play well. I know the autoplay dont work on mobile devices, so I might have to make a mobile version later..

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  • I would consider a different font for your buttons. Have them change color on hover over or something.
    Maybe think about a <li class for your list of genre examples? Or leave it. Looks like an electric magazine.

    First of all thanks a lot for taking time to review and reply to my post 🙂

    Are you thinking of the tree blue buttons?
    I have considered gray buttons, but I feel the blue is blending in ok with the rest of the design.
    Why don’t you like the colours of the buttons?, Do you recomend other colours?

    Have the button text change colour on hover is something that could be smart..
    It draws attention to the action on the button in a way..

    What would you like to se in the li class?

    It is not a magazine by the way, it is a heavy metal web radio..

    It is a kind of stream, so each of the songs has its own page.

    I will also update the top metal bands section and the radio show section later on..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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