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  • very cool topics in your posts/subject of the site

    The design/customizations look, well, good not spectacular but plenty good. What are some of the heavily modified/customized parts? I like how the horizontal nav menu is incorporated up in the header. I like how areas of your sidebar are multi-column. I don’t like how the AdSense seems to flicker around in the layout while the page loads (seen that on other sites too). This is on broadband with Firefox.

    wierd posts on your site man yuk

    Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    @dgold – the notorious FireFox flicker seems to have been cured in FF 1.5

    @naderc – nice clean layout, loads quickly for me, and (most important) I like the content. Bookmarked 🙂

    Love it! Will be visiting often!

    Very great feedback so far , thanks!

    I created one plugin each for the ads, brands and slogans.

    The plugins themselves feature the display-info process, navigation by brand letter and industry, rss feed parsing with ad-retrieval, advertisement uploading with automatic resizing. Along with that are some handmade mysql tables.

    I still have to expand the search to all of these tables though and I don’t know how to do that.

    Thanks again. Keep the comments coming.

    Best regards,


    Could you explain more about the “ad retrieval” and “ad uploading” plugs? These sound like features many of us could use, if you plan to show how or release plugins?

    Also curious about your approach to navigation by first-letter. Is this the first letter of the post title? I seek to do that on my Song Collection blog (where each post title is a song title). I have them displaying alphabetically in the category page (that is easy), but what I would like is automatic navigation by Letter, so A | B | C | D | Etc…

    I created a plugin that uses MagpieRSS, curl and GD2 library to retrieve ads from a feed and insert it into my brands administration panel. I can then add description, etc. and publish the ad.

    What I use more though is a plugin attached to that with which I can manually upload pictures from my harddisk, click upload file and when it’s up I can add description, title, …

    A | B | C Navigation:
    I created a custom table called brands where I store all the information about a brand.
    For Ex.
    brand_name = “Apple Computer”

    What I do with the navigation function is to take all brands (over 50 at the mo’), pick the first letter (A for Apple) and insert it in an array IF it isn’t already in there. Then display the array elements with foreach.

    I choose this solution at the beginning when I didn’t have much brands and didn’t want to display letters I wouldn’t feature, like C or X or so. a navigation like A | B | E | F

    I’ll maybe go back to a simpler non-dynamic solution in the future when I’ve got all the letters 🙂

    Where’s your Song Collection blog at ?
    Do you know about extending the Search to more tables?

    brand_i, I’m not ready launch my Song Collection quite yet. I’m shooting to go public with it by New Years. The only OTHER person’s wordpress I’ve seen that has the alphabetical is using it for a glossary here:
    (not my site)

    No, I don’t know about extending the Search. I was just trying Weighted Search plugin tonite and it doesn’t work fully with the MySql 3.x on my host.

    cool, please send me the link when it’s online. I’m very interested in music and also doing a project with my friend on that: – you can use the contact form on that page to send me an e-mail

    yeah, i’m also having trobules adding another filter with the extended search plugin.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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