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  • Hi all,

    I’m excited to announce that HeatMap Adsense Theme has just been accepted onto the Themes Directory; so I’ve now ‘officially’ launched the blog to go with it –

    As you can probably guess, its an Adsense theme 🙂 It looks a bit ‘vanilla’ in the theme directory preview without all its widgets configured, so do make sure you pop over to if you want to have a look at a fully configured demo site and the User guide.

    I’ve also made-over another blog of mine using HeatMap Theme

    The above sites are both using the PoWeR of WordPress Child Themes to style up the basic vanilla version as seen in the demo site.

    Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

    Cheers to all,

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  • Great theme with fantastic built-in widgets and scope to develope in any direction.
    Thanks Stuart

    Thanks for saying thanks Morcom, appreciate the post. 🙂

    Hello, Stuart. My banner ads are showing up on every page except my homepage. I have all the checkboxes checked, including the “Home” box, on the HeatMap Settings page. Any advice? Thanks.

    Could you supply the URL of the site?

    I have been using this theme and Stuart is a great help with any thing you ask. I am at stop by and take a look

    Thanks Robertd60 🙂
    and thanks for valuing my time by making a nice donation.
    Very much appreciated.

    Just so everyone knows, here is my current menu of services 🙂
    * Very short answers – Your site must keep the credit link at the bottom of the page

    * Short answers – Donate Chocolate

    * Medium sized answers (such as the one I did for Robertd60) – Credit Link Removal Donation

    * Longer customisation answers – Lets talk 😉

    More details here.

    Many Thanks for valuing my time People.

    Hi Andthey,

    Had a look at your site. Can’t immediately see why that would be.
    Its working on my demo sites ok with the header ads on the home page, so something strange is going on 😉

    (Cue Twighlight zone music…”doo doo dooo doo”)

    You might try pressing the reset button to see if the HeatMap admin Page has got itself into some kind of funny state. Make sure you save your settings in some way first. Let me know if that clears things up.

    If that doesnt work I can take a closer look at it for you.
    Contact me through my contact form if you want to do this. We can do it by email.

    Price will be 1 chocolate donation 🙂


    This is an awesome theme! Great job. My new favorite! =)

    Thanks Chachafance 🙂
    Much appreciated.

    Hi all,
    HeatMap Theme has just gone past 2000 downloads in a week!

    This means its just squeaked outside of the most popular list by a couple of hundred. Not bad for a first time outing for HeatMap Theme. Rest assured I’ve got some updates in mind over coming months that will make HeatMap Theme extra tasty, and hopefully can push it onto the most popular list of WordPress Themedom 😉

    Thanks for downloading all. I can tell by my referrer stats the net is loving the Heatmap theme 🙂

    If you are loving it, let us know here and give it a rating.

    Also thanks to everyone who is retaining the HeatMap Theme credit link and particular thanks to all those who donate when I help you out.

    So, pop the champagne cork and join me in a small celebration for 2000 downloads in a week. Cheers!

    Woohoo, HeatMap Theme just made the most popular list.
    It may be 2nd from bottom as I write, and it may not stay there long, but it got there!

    Crack open another bottle of champers bar-keep!
    Thanks for downloading all!

    Hey ya,

    near-best damn theme i have ever encountered. Good job



    I remember reviewing this theme a week or two ago. Very well done. 🙂 Congratulations on its success so far!

    Thanks for the amazing theme. I have been using it on my back-report site for under a week and the google love has been tripled. you have packed so much into just one theme that I haven’t even begun to explore all the applications of your widget and other features.
    Thanks again for the most excellent theme.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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