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    Hi guys,

    Trying to add heart/like buttons on each individual link in a list in WordPress.
    You can see it here :
    I want the likes/fav be linked to the items, and not to the individual post (I have over 20 links in one post, split into 5 sections).

    I used shortcodes of several plugins (ZillaLikes) and they always mess up the CSS + are linked to the individual post and not the item themselves.

    You can see my HTML code of one of the sections of a post below:

    `<ol class=”rectangle-list”>

    <li class=”tooltip” title=”What does a startup CEO actually do?”><a href=”LINK TO ARTICLE </a></li>
    <p>What does a startup CEO actually do?</p>

    <li class=”tooltip” title=”How to find your competitive advantage”><a href=””>Be the Company Customers Can’t Live Without</a></li>
    <p>How to find your competitive advantage</p>



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