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  • Howdy!

    As I had to restore a safety database backup twice just because I made a mistake and replaced the wrong thing, and then managed to simply drag away into oblivion another widget, here I come to make a suggestion for the future of wordpress: please have consideration for us pitiful airheads 😀

    I would very much like a feature where you can undo any change you do in the widgets section of the blog admin as long as you don’t quit that widgets section.
    – Expanded a widget, saved its content? Below the “save”, a new button appears, offering to “Restore changes”.
    – Dragged away or manually deleted a widget? A link in the widgets management page offers to undo all changes since opening the widgets management page.

    Well, here’s for my suggestion, I feel it is far too easy to screw up the widgets section of a wordpress blog, I can’t open it without fearing a vague sense of fear.

    Have a good day everyone 🙂

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  • Hi Sabinooo (@sabinooo),

    Sounds like something worth considering.
    I have had a similar experience.
    Some of the WordPress site management features use “save”, and “cancel”, or “confirm” buttons to either set the adjustments you’ve made after you have completed them, while others such as widgets do it live.
    It’s kind of exciting to watch the changes using the “live preview”.

    But as you have pointed out, if something goes awry then there is no “cancel” button to press, or “Save” button to not press (and the restart the task again).
    It is done as soon as its done.

    Your suggestion, does not mean that the live edit function needs to be removed, nor does it mean that the present process of doing things needs to change.
    What it does mean, is that there is an additional option to “undo”, “revert” or “restore” the previous settings.

    Probably all that is required to do this is to do something like on starting a widget edit session, save the settings, update the settings to a new set.
    If the “revert” button gets pressed, then the new set gets deleted or not used, and the old settings are used.

    As with other undo type functions, there could be multiple reverse steps.
    The user might be allowed to choose how many undo steps/sessions they’d like to have the system remember.

    As an aside;
    This same system could be used to save settings of widget sets. This would enable the rapid switching from one layout, to another.
    For example “Christmas mode, Competition Mode, Promotional offer mode”.
    Just a few clicks and the site is reconfigured.

    Inspirational Idea.
    Thank you.

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