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  • Hello,

    I apologize if I am not posting this in the right place. I just need to share the terrible experience I have had attempting to use Headway Themes. I am hoping that others will read this before they make the same mistake I did when I purchased a deluxe license for this lackluster product.

    Using Headway Themes has been a nightmare which has caused me a lot of lost productivity and a large amount of frustration. The software is buggy and the support is non-existent. I submitted a support request for something very simple weeks ago and I still haven’t received a reply. I thought that purchasing a deluxe license would get me some kind of priority support, but I was dead wrong about that. I haven’t received any support or replies to any messages whatsoever. And I purchased the product on 7/12/16 and began asking for support shortly after that date. Still no replies.

    After my support requests fell on deaf ears, I had no other option other than to ask for a refund and move on to a different solution that actually has active support (unlike Headway). On the Headway Themes website, it says that they have a 30 day money back guarantee. I have asked for a refund multiple times within that 30 day period and still haven’t received a refund or even a reply.

    I get no pleasure from writing this post, but I refuse to sit by quietly while these shady, dishonest business practices are in place. Consider this a warning to anyone considering Headway. There are many other superior products available. This is the worst support ever for any WordPress-related product I have purchased, and I have bought many of the last 5-7 years or so.

    STAY AWAY FROM HEADWAY THEMES! They will take your money and offer no support.


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  • Hello Jack, The problem is simple. Headway Themes is taking your money and there is no support staff. Their last day was sometime in June?. I happened to get my refund from paypal, even though I was past the 180 day dispute time frame. I presented all of the evidence, and they ruled in my favor. I have been using Headway since 2012 and in January, Clay had a “buy now sale” to anyone with holding current licenses. My license was to expire in Sept 2016, so this sale gave me another 1.5 years for the price of 1 year. At issue of course, is that I bought this product in January. Getting the refund was a little tough, as I was outside of Paypals 180 day protection. I was on the phone with them for 45 min, while they investigated, and that included other claims in the queue. They came to the conclusion that this “seller” knew the ropes, and is taking advantage of the 180 day protection policy. The truth is just slowly creeping out right now, but you can find it. Go the the Headway facebook page, the Headway Forums if you are a member, and Reddit. My advice to all Headway users? Run as fast as you can as far as you can, contact your cc or paypal to get refunds. The mere fact that the product is still being sold while it has been abandoned and has no support–is fraud. The BBB page should be filled, but it’s early still. I chatted via email with a developer of Headway extensions and he let me know that Clay has not been answering his emails for quite some time. Clay also cut all of the links on the Headway site for extension software purchases without telling the developers. This particular developer has had more than 5000 sales for Headway extensions, and without warning ,he just broke the links to his products on the Headway site. To clarify – you can still buy Headway – but the links for the extension products are inactive. So Jack, if he can leave a developer out in the cold, one who is responsible for so many sales, any one voice in the forum doesn’t leave a mark on this man’s conscience. I don’t see any wiggle room when the facts are laid out. This is just shameful behavior.

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