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  • Hi,

    I posted the same question previously, which was closed by a moderator who did not understand that I was actually talking about this plugin. He/She misunderstood because I mentioned that I personally use the Pro version, but the question had nothing to do with the Pro version. (sorry, I shouldn’t have even mentioned the pro version, I was being too conversational).

    Link to closed topic here

    The point was about the description of this plugin here in the repo. Here it is again:

    This evening I was asked about what appears to be a simple typo in the first screenshot in the details tab (here in the repo).

    Find and Replace:

    // → // (This is ok)

    /sites/ → /sites/ (this is confusing because it’s duplicated)

    Not a big deal, but it might lead to confusion for some people so I thought I’d mention it.

    To avoid confusion, it should probably be:

    /sites/ → /sites/ (different domain)

    (ping @jdembowski)

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