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  • A friendly hello.

    I am VERY new to WP and would like VERY MUCH to install this fantastic-looking plugin. Unfortunately, the instructions that come with it highly recommend that one first install the plugin called “WordPress Plugin Manager.” I have tried that for two days now, to no avail. I keep getting an error message (posted elsewhere).

    The Headline Images plugin instructions refer to a second installation method:

    “Download the tarball and install it by placing the tarball in your WP installation’s wp-content directory and performing a tar xvzf headline-image.tar.gz”

    I have no idea how to do that, so my question is:

    Is there any way to install the plugin ‘Headline Images’ by simply placing a .php file into my ‘plugins’ directory, and then activating the plugin in my admin area, as I have done for all the other plugins I’ve installed? If YES, where can I get the .php file?

    Thanks much for your assistance.

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  • There are two additional installation methods aside from the WPPM. They both involve archives — tar.gz for Unix platforms for people that have shell access to their hosting accounts and a zip file for Windows people who don’t have shell access to their hosting accounts. Either of those files contain the necessary plugin file which you would just stick in your plugins directory as you have done for all other plugins you’ve installed.

    The difference between this plugin and all those other plugins is that it uses font files that also must be installed, otherwise the plugin is rather useless. You can do that by hand as well if you want. Either upload the font (warp1.ttf) to your WordPress upload directory or create a directory called image-headlines in your wp-content directory and put the included font into that directory.

    ColdForged, thank you SO much for your reply! I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to try your plugin. It looks SO cool. Just what I have always wanted for blog design: more of my OWN typography. 🙂

    I will try to find the ZIP file you mention, and then go about installing it to my plugins directory and then activating. I will then try uploading the font as you said. I have tons of neat fonts. Wish me luck. Cross fingers, etc. And THANK you again!

    Most welcome and good luck :).

    Hiya ColdForged, in case you check back here: it worked and it is fantastic!!! Most excellent plugin, EVER.

    One small question, if you get a sec:

    On the config page, at first I got a fatal (oh my!) error:

    FATAL: The directory you specified to cache the image files is not writeable from the Apache task. Either select a different directory or make the directory you specified writable by the Apache task (chmod 755 the directory).

    It was already at 755. I swear. So I was stumped, which of course is my natural state.

    Anyway, I then chmod’d my entire “blogname/wp-content/image-headline” directory to 777. It worked. No more fatal error. BUT . . . is that OK, security-wise, I mean, to have it at 777 forever, or should I change it back to 755 after I get the font I want up there? Or?

    Thanks again for the great plugin. 🙂


    As that folder will only be used to store images and fonts, it’s not overly insecure. If it concerns you you can follow the instructions here. Those instructions are for a different plugin of mine, but the concept is the same.

    Thanks again. Did I mention that I LOVE this plugin?????

    I am getting a bit frustrated.
    Trying to install this plugin and getting it to work, and somehow or other, I’m stuck.

    Uploading the plugin went fine, activating went fine too. I now have the image-headlines.php in my plugin folder. I created a image-headlines directory too, uploaded the tff file there.

    Went to wordpress, activated the plugin from the plugin panel, went to the Options tab, found the Headlines tab.
    Clicked that, things showed up fine but the preview.
    I also added the -image- thingy to the get_title() function.

    All it does is create a box around the title, which is still just a font, not an image. When I look in my cache folder though, the images the preview has generated are there! They just don’t show up on the Headlines configuration page. Egh? I don’t get it. Do you?

    Site: . Never mind what it looks like, it is a work in progress 😀

    Edit *hits forehead*
    I had configured the path to the cache directory wrongly. Never mind! Doh!

    I’m trying to use this plugin but I can’t make it to display polish characters :/

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