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  • I wanted to try out the Headline Image plugin. Sadly, the developer has just left the fold. It activated – I get the admin panel – I get the preview OK.

    When I go to load the site nothing happens. Blank, empty window. No error. No source code to look at. But the title images ARE getting created. Just something in there is stopping the loading.

    has anyone experienced this who may know a solution please?

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  • have you changed your code over to something like this:
    <?php the_title(‘-image-‘); ?>

    Yes. But it makes no difference whether that is set or not. Just having the plugin activated stops the site from loading…. weird. is down? Aww, geez. I *love* that plugin. I probably chose WordPress over others partly because of Headline Images plugin that I saw running on several of my favorite blogs when I was comparing blog designs from any backend CMS’s.

    Brian ‘ColdForged’ if you need some community donations, I shoulda done that earlier, I’ll donate a $ tip to aid site preservation…

    YellowSword, sorry I don’t have the answer for that other than what bob46 said, except — make sure you added (‘-image-‘) to the correct the_title because there is more than one the_title and some of them are used in the PHP while another one is the one that actually echoes the title text to your blog presentation.

    See here for CF’s adios….

    Here where 🙁

    ? Searching……

    Ack…. okay, I’m REALLY blond and senior tonight! Sorry!

    I wouln’t know where to begin debugging that one. Sounds like some sort of “fluke”, either in the setup or the file itself. I have been using the plugin on several sites with nary a problem – even on a Windoze box. I might suggest replacing the php file.

    Thanks for the link vkaryl

    Yellow, check/make sure there’s not a blank space at the end of the plugin PHP file even tho that wouldn’t be the problem here since you said it is creating images

    I am curious to find out what the solution is as “creating images” implies the loop is “running”.

    (Sorry – had to go to bed!)
    Yes – that’s the weird thing. The loop must be running. No errors come back. The php file looks good. The admin sections work just fine and they wouldn’t if there was a file error. But i just get a blank. I am starting to think there is a clash of some sort which is a great shame. I’m at a bit of a loss to even start to work out where! AT least usually you get a part of a page so you can see where the source stopped.
    ‘ColdForged’ is a great loss to the community now I have trawled and seen what his contributions have been.

    Do you have a link? When you show source you see nada? If you temporarily disable the plugin does the site come back fine? — though with -title- prepended to the entry titles, of course.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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