• Generateblocks I have got so used to using this feature that a website I setup ages ago does not use them but I want to get them working.

    However, I cannot make them appear. I have the container and grid option but no Headline or buttons – any ideas how to get these working?
    I tried deactivating all the other plugins but that made no difference.

    Ironically the live site I have got these 4 features working.

    Many thanks

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  • Plugin Support ying


    Hi there,

    Do you mean in the page editor, when you click on the + icon (toggle block inserter) and search generateblocks, you don’t see headlineor buttonsblock?

    Please refer to the screenshot below:

    If so, I haven’t heard about this issue yet.

    Any chance you can send us a screenshot of the issue?

    Let me know 🙂

    Thread Starter charlesnorton


    <img src="https://website-doctor.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Missing-blocks.jpg">

    Hopefully that shows the two missing blocks.

    Yes when editing the page and you click the + the headline and buttons are missing

    Plugin Support ying


    That’s very weird.

    Can you try remove the plugin then download the newest version and install/activate it again?

    Thread Starter charlesnorton


    I tried the uninstall and then reinstall and that did not fix it. As the production website is working fine with the 4 blocks – this is not really a pressing issue.
    Seems like no-one else is having a problem. Not really worth expending anymore effort on this at this moment in time.

    Thanks for your suggestions and tips.

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