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  • Hello,
    For some reason when in design view if I choose any of the Headings presets for font, they are badly formatted and messed up. They are unreadable. I have to end up using “paragraph” or something else for everything.

    Can someone point me in the right direction of where to edit the font styles for these. It seems easy enough to find in stylesheet but for someone reason I am lost and dont want to be editing the wrong thing.

    My guess is that I mistakenly messed up the formatting for the Headings sometime earlier.


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  • Any word on this?

    And “Headings” setting I choose when designing a page is messed up. Unreadable because of shadows, etc. Can someone point me to where in the stylesheet this is so I can take a look and/or fix it.


    And “Headings” setting…….

    I meant, “ANY Headings setting…..”

    Unless you post a link to your site, there is no way for anyone to help sort out what the problem might be.

    well the issue isn’t on my site (because i am not using the problem feature).

    Its a problem somewhere in stylesheet so Im just asking if anyone knows where…for this theme… the place is to edit the style and settings for the “Headings” font styles.

    There may not be options for everything you want to change — which then means you need to modify the CSS code. But before doing that, you need to have a Child Theme or custom CSS (via jetpack plugin for example) set up. Otherwise any changes you make will be erased when the theme is updated.

    You can use a tool such as Firebug or Chrome Developer tools to identify the CSS code which is affecting an element on the page — then copy that code to your custom or child theme CSS file and make the changes there.

    If you want more specific help, post a link to your site – most people helping out here don’t have instant access to a Mantra site.

    Thank you. I know its in the CSS which is what I am trying to dig through and fine. I already have child theme. I haven’t tried the tools to find the area I am wanting to change. Ill look into that.

    Ive managed to find anything else I want to change except this.

    Well… and also how to slide my last navigation tab to the far right if possible.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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