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    What I lack in the current HTML view is the ability to “wrap” some text in any of the h-tags. Being one of the most important SEMANTIC tags I really wonder they haven’t included it into the HTML-mode.

    To my mind it would be great to insert a button which would behave like other buttons on the HTML-view panel (b, i, li, lists, etc.) but for making the highlighted text a heading (with POSSIBLY a pop-up of choosing the 1-6 value).

    There are TWO ways of solving it now:

    1. Keep switching between the Visual mode to HTML, which is a terrible solution 🙂
    2. Insert the h-tags manually, which is NOT the best way, especially on large pages of pasted text

    Even the ability to customize the HTML-view button panel would be good, or showing “extra” buttons like they did in the Visual view.

    If you know any other ways to get round it I would really appreciate it! 🙂

    P.s. Wrote it in the Ideas first.

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    Also Quicktag Extender:

    All it needs is a bit of trickery)

    Thanks a lot, Ipstenu, but your examples (though good they are) don’t give the possibility to choose the value from 1 to 6. And making 6 buttons… ok not 6, but at least 4 most used will eventually solve this problem, yes, but at what cost? To my mind it would be much easier to have it out-of-the-box.

    They’ve included the code button, which is used FAR LESS often to my mind than H-tags if we speak about WordPress as CMS for a ‘typical ordinary user’ and not a blogging platform for coders…

    But anyway, that’s only my opinion, thanks again for the tip, really appreciate it.

    Most people who use the HTML editor do so because they like to hand craft HTML (and thus don’t need the buttons) or because they’re editing code (which gets mangled by the GUI).

    Anyway, you said:

    but for making the highlighted text a heading (with POSSIBLY a pop-up of choosing the 1-6 value).

    So … You can make the highlighted text a heading 🙂 if you’re a good coder, you can make it a dropdown, probably. Me? I just use the GUI editor these days unless I’m working on code stuff 🙂

    Thanks again, Ipstenu, indeed my question was answered 🙂 At least this variant is MUCH better than the two I proposed in the first message.

    Esmi, I thank you too, though I was able to find this extender here. As an example they add H-tags, lol)))

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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