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  • I’m working on .

    I am trying to re-build in WordPress…

    A few problems:
    1. The navigation bar is a table in the header with images. Each cell is sized to fit the images perfectly, etc. In Safari, it works perfectly… the “word”/image is the link. In FireFox, it appears that the links for the bottom row are over-sized, so when I click on a link on the top row, I’m going to a page on the bottom row. How do I fix that?

    2. As you can see in the original page, the logo in the top left corner is supposed to ride right on top of the image in the sidebar. I’ve tried to toy around with borders, etc…but nothing seems to work. How can I re-locate that left hand sidebar to butt up right against the header image?

    Your help is appreciated.

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  • I don’t think I’d be on for fixing things in their current state. You’re using the YUI grids system, however, you’re taking a lot of the good out of it by using multiple deprecated code blocks. Get your code to a point where it validates first, then try and work out your issues.

    I’ve been using YUI for ages now and you should be easily able to get the effect you’re looking for. For your navigation though, I would suggest using unordered lists. Using CSS you can achieve image replacement for those links if it is absolutely required, but to be honest I think you should strongly consider reverting to text links there as it’s better for accessibility purposes.

    If you attempt to increase the text size on the site as it is (those navigation links are in a very small font), well, nothing happens.

    Also, if you consider a visually impaired user, they’ll have a nightmare of a time trying to navigate around the site as it currently stands.

    I know this isn’t overly helpful, but I can’t justify encouraging someone to code sites with invalid code and poor accessibility!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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