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  • Hi,

    I added some headers in all categories but certain headers do not appear, I use PHP advanced settings because don’t work via Apache.

    Why when I inspect headers there are not all headers?

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  • Plugin Author Dimitar Ivanov


    That’s right, some of the headers won’t work at all when using the PHP mode.

    Some of the headers are intended for certain file types. For example the Expires header. If you setup such a header for “text/css” media files and your web server received a request for “main.css” it will return directly the file. PHP is not involved at all.

    That’s why PHP mode is a bit limited, and will work only for generated content through PHP.

    Also if you have installed some third-party caching plugin, most probably none of the headers will work. This is because the cache plugin will serve a static/cached content without headers, instead to ask your server for fresh content + headers.

    When I use Apache mode, there is nothing working but I have an Apache server.

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    Plugin Author Dimitar Ivanov


    Check your httpd.conf for the following directive:

    AllowOverride None

    The above directive blocks any rule in your .htaccess.
    Change it to:

    AllowOverride All

    Then restart Apache server.

    Cannot find this file on my files. The host does not propose to access this file.

    Plugin Author Dimitar Ivanov


    OK, then you should have an access to your .htaccess file. Can you answer this:
    1. Is it writeable?
    2. Is there any other rules that works?
    3. Do you see the headers from settings there?

    1. Yes
    2. There are somes rules on Apache mod but don’t work.
    3. Not all.

    Plugin Author Dimitar Ivanov


    If you can’t find the headers configured with HTTP Headers plugin in .htaccess that may mean:
    – plugin’s Apache mode is not active
    – .htaccess file haven’t write permissions
    – .htaccess file content is overwritten by other plugin

    If all of the rules in .htaccess don’t work probably means that:
    AllowOverride directive have a value of None, if so you should contact your server admin

    If some of the rules in .htaccess don’t work means that:
    – specific module of Apache is not loaded, if so you should contact your server admin

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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