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    Yesterday, I’ve upgraded from WP 2.0.3 to 2.2. My site is located at:

    All things considering, the upgrade seems to have gone fine. There are a few things I’ve had to fix, and others I will fix later.

    One of the most important problems stumping me right now, though, has to do with the headers. Depending on the appropriate page or category, a different header will appear. You can see the code for the header section of the header.php file at…

    Right now, however, none of the headers will display. My guess is that I may have to do some sort of tweaking to get the headers to display again.

    Any clues and such would be welcome. Thanks!

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  • Velanche


    Nevermind…I figured it out.

    I borrowed a theme called “Landzilla From The Swamp” and have modified it over a year ago to incorporate into my site. The banners have displayed fine at the time, but I ended up with having my site not fully validated but left it alone.

    With WP 2.2, full XHTML validation seems to be in place. When i ran Web Developer’s validator to check the CSS, it had a parse error running one of the banners located in the image subdirectory of the “Landzilla From The Swamp” directory. Taking a closer look at the parse error, I noticed that part of the URL had “Landzilla-from the Swamp” spelled….there were spaces in the URL and clearly it’s illegal.

    Checking the CSS in the Theme section, the theme was spelled “Landzilla-from the Swamp” with one dash and spaces between the other words. So adding dashes in place of the spaces, and doing the same for the theme folder, not only got the graphics to display again, but the CSS is now valid as well! The XHTML code needs fixing for proper validation, but the errors are minor and I can do those another day.

    Good to see progress on that front.

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