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    I like the theme in general, would prefer non-serif font.

    Then there are the tiny header images. I have a plugin that displays a random one in the current 2011 child theme I use, edited to the same size as the stock images that come with 2011. They show up, but very small, and they were originally full-width. I understand that it might have scalability issues, but I’d like to display them full size.

    Are these resolvable? I don’t care to use the slider at this time, unless it could replace the header somehow.

    Thank you for any help and for offering it for free…

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  • Link to your blog?

    You should be able to go to style.css and change the font from there to a sans-serif one.

    Site is

    I’m back to using the 2011 child theme, Pico Light, so you can see the header image as I want them to be. With Clean Retina they are perhaps 200 pixels wide, like thumbs instead of full size.

    Hi cdkrall,

    For the font change, you could create a child theme and overwrite the parent font. If you don’t want to create child theme you could also go to
    Appearance>Theme Options>Design Options>Cutom CSS
    Write your own CSS to change the font this will overwrite the parent font.
    Save the Changes.

    For the Random Header Image in various page:
    * You could go to Header option inside Appearance.
    * Upload many large images, when you upload you can crop theme in your size of choice. So, say crop all the images in (978(w) * 200(h)).
    * After you upload all the images. Tick on the random checkbox, save the changes and this will show different header images of same size in different pages randomly.
    (The reason you got tiny header images is that there are tiny images instead of bigger images, the facility used in Clean Retina and 2011 theme is same as both are from the WordPress Core)
    You can ask if you still have confusions.

    If you don’t want to use the slider, just disable it from the slider options.

    Team Horse

    Hi Sanjiv,

    Thank you for the helpful reply.

    I was experiencing issues with the standard WP random header function; not changing images, then not being able to “see” all the header images in the awful WP Media Library, the reply on this forum was to upload the images yet again, which would work for a while until I tried a new theme.

    So I started using the WP Random Header plugin. I already have the images sized, the plugin just randomly chooses an image from the target folder, so I can swap images without going through all those “easy” steps ad infinitum.

    This has worked with all themes I have tried thusfar, including 2011 and 2012, but not Clean Retina. I upgraded CR this morning and it still shows a thumbnail of the header image.

    Thank you again for offering such a nice theme free. I’ll leave it on my themes list and try the updates. If you want to contact me via the link on the website, I can send you a screenshot or other info.

    Hello guys,

    Great theme, and works well on different devices. I also like your documentation in most files included with this theme, makes it easier to adpt to ones own needs.

    However, a couple of problems arose:

    Problem 1: I need to put a large (about h200 * w700) image in the header. How should I proceed, can I change some defaults anywhere in some .php? Tried changing the defaults in custom-header.php, but didn’t affect anything.
    I guess the large image will scale, as it does now.
    btw, would be great to have the option of centering the header image.

    Problem 2: My menu has sub-menus based on categories. When I scale the whole theme (ie. use an iPhone or Adroid), the menu deflates to a nice dropdown list. But to the left on the same row as the drop-down icon (the rectangle with the blue lines) i see the rightmost menus last sub-menu in text beginning with [–menutext]. How can I get rid of that text? If i choose a new menu iten, the text shows everything right.
    This is disturbing especially on the home page, as it shows that you are on some last sub-menu item.

    Appreciate all your help. If needed, I can post the site link, but I’m working on it all the time so it might not be up all the time.


    Regarding problem 1 in earlier post:
    The image now shows up as a kind of thumbnail, about 50 px in height.


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    It’s easier for the theme author and forum volunteers to identify your problem if you create your own thread on it.

    His issue with the header is identical to the one I’m experiencing. The Header page in theme admin even specifies a thumbnail size for the header image.

    The menu problem would also be one I had if I could get past the header image issue.

    I sent screenshots to devs some time ago, no reply as of yet, when I hear of a solution will update this thread for all concerned.

    Hi lerppu66,

    As Andrew said it is easier for us to give the solution, if you create a new thread.

    I think your problem and cdkrall problem are different as cdkrall is using the WP random header plugin to show the random images in every different page and every time the page is loaded.

    Problem 1.
    But in your case(lerppu66 case), I think you don’t have the same situation. I think you are just trying to upload header image of your own size.(200*700). You don’t need to change anything in the code. Just go to header setting page, browse and upload a image, crop(you need to increase the cropper) according to your wish and save the changes. Here, is the documentation here
    We will consider about the aligning it in center option in upcoming updates. You could use custom css to center it for now.

    Problem 2.
    We have used “–” to indicate the depth of menu in smaller devices. If you don’t want it, go to tinynav.js file and replace “–” with “” in line around 53. But better do that child theme way so you don’t have to repeat that in every updates. In the child theme de-enqueue that tinynav.js file create tinynav-child.js file, copy all the code there, change “–” with “” and enqueue tinynav-child.js file. This will be difficult for you if you are not the code person. But making child theme and editing there is always the best way.

    Hope this helps.

    Team Horse

    Hello sanjiv,

    Tnx for fast reply.

    Hovwever, problem 1 doesn’t get solved by doing as u say. As i upload a pic of about 800*1500 px and don’t crop it, it turns into a sort of thumbnail, even distorted, by default.

    Problem 2: It still says [last category], even though I remove the lines u mensioned.

    The site is I’ll keep it up until Saturday noon UTC. Then I have to go live with it.

    I’ll do a child theme as soon as i figured out these problems (with ur help;-). Coding is not a big problem for me, so go ahead (although I in no way a pro).


    Ok guys, how stupid can a man be:-)

    Did upload the image once more, saved it, and now it seems to work.

    I guess one vertical bit turned horizontal, or something, don’t know.

    But problem 2 still exists. It still says [last category] while being at the main page without any category sorting, even though I remove the lines u mensioned.

    Try it at (make the browser window smaller).


    Hi lerppu66,

    Okay the first problem is solved. Let’s to the second.

    I did not get you actually. Are you trying to get rid of “–” this symbols that appear for sub menu while making the window smaller? The solution I mentioned above was for this question.

    But now the problem you are saying is like-> You are in the home page, and when you make the window size smaller why does it show travel(your last category).
    Make as custom menu say Home(top level menu). Try this this may help you. When making the window size smaller you may see home.
    Try it out and let me know.

    Team Horse

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