• I’m trying to figure out headers so I’m trying different ways of displaying a header. I have created a header file and named it wc-custom-header.php. From what have read in the codex I thought that using this code:
    get_header('wc-custom-header.php') would display my header. But it doesn’t. I can get it to display using this code:
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/wc_cust_header.php') but I want to use the tags correctly and not hack up everything. Can someone guide me down the correct path with this issue?

    Thanks in advance

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  • read this:

    as i understand it, using get_header('wc-custom') will include a file called: header-wc-custom.php.

    and be precise if you use hyphens- or underlines_ 😉

    Right you are. I had to rename the file with header being the leading part of the name. It worked perfectly. Thanks much for the quick response.

    The Visual Editor in one of blogs shows a second line of icons including “Paragraph Headers,” and “Center Justification” but in the other two blogs it does not.

    try in the visual editor with the single line of icons to press the icon top right (with the little dots) ‘show kitchen sink’
    or press ‘alt’ ‘shift’ ‘Z’ all at the same time

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