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  • Hi,
    I developed a theme (
    It has a header rotator which I use customizer header image for adding some headers to the rotator
    My header rotator has the ability to display header titles over the images, So I use header image Title, Alt, … as the titles on each header
    But the problem is when the user adds an image and he crops the image during image upload, Then the default image title will be some things like “cropped-image-filename.jpg”
    And as the image cropped during upload, it will not display in media manager, And the user can’t find the image and modify titles, Alt, …
    I know there is a way to switch to list mode in media manager, But informing user for such things is very hard as a theme user,
    Is there a way to prevent user to crop the image during upload or any way to display cropped images in grid view?
    Thank you

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  • Jarret


    You wouldn’t be able to include any code in the theme that would modify the admin dashboard if you want it hosted on the repo here. A user can choose to skip cropping an image when one is uploaded should they choose.

    There is a trac ticket for showing cropped images in grid view:

    Though not much action on it unfortunately.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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