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  • Hi
    I need to remove the text site title/tagline and replace it with a custom image/text
    Any way to do that or change the font and centering?

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  • The site title can be replaced by a logo by uploading it via the “Site Title & Tagline” section of the Customiz’It! panel.

    The tagline seems to be replaceable on the Customiz’It! panel with a simple img tag (the Customizr preview shows the image fine), but it breaks when you go live (just tried it) and the text of the img tag is shown instead.

    So title yes, tagline no.

    Re changing the font, a quick inspection shows that it is formatted as follows: {
      font-size: 18px;
      padding-top: 0px;
      line-height: 20px;
      font-style: italic;
      color: #f78c40;

    (in my case, the colour is orange; yours may be different). You can paste this into the Custom CSS panel and play with modifying it.

    By “it is formatted”, I mean, of course “the tagline is formatted”.

    Thanks for your help
    I tried putting my image title in the “Site Title” line in the Cutomiz IT panel and nothing happened.
    Sorry but I’m new to CSS and I guess I’m missing something here..
    Should I paste the image into the custom css window??

    hi i will have a question about the theme on the following website
    i try to sort out 3 link there which is write there read more i would like to put to put picture and link and also write something under there but however i cant change and dunno how to change really

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    You can create your own thread to discuss your own issue.

    @whiskermouse You need to upload your image into the Logo Upload section of the Logo & Favicon dropdown of Customz’It!

    That is done. The site logo is on the left side.
    The site title/tag line also needs to be an image.
    There is a very specific font that is required it is called Papyrus.
    That is saved as a JPEG and needs to replace the font that is there
    IF an image can not be uploaded to that area of the template then I need to know how to insert custom text using that font.
    Link to new site ( not live) is below. The red text needs to be replaced
    with the custom text
    The old site is being replaced in ten days.. Here is what the text that needs to be replaced looks like visit

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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