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  • I am trying to use an h4 title with ” – some text” after it in line, but the ” -some text” appears below the h4 title. Can someone direct me to the css that causes this? seems to be the same for all h(x) headers. Thank you.

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  • paulwpxp


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    In general, header element is block level element, another element following it will be display on the new line. To get it display inline, assign display inline ( or inline-block ) to that header, and make sure the following element is display inline ( or inline-block ) too.

    I see where you’re going with that and it makes sense, but I tried it and no go. Maybe I’m not modifying the correct css element. This is the class I modified: “.entry-content h4” I have already changed other elements in this class with no problem, but inline is not working. Let me go further into what I’m trying to do:
    <h4>Title</h4> – site link
    Display as:
    TITLE – site link
    I used the display: inline element in both the ‘h4’ and ‘a’ css classes with no change. Should I be floating each left as well? I thought the inline element worked as an alternative to the float…



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    I’ve just scanned Coraline theme folder for <h4>, came up with none.

    Instead of the guess work here, please link to your site and state which part you are talking about.

    Also, if the question is purely CSS, and not really related to WP theme, please consider asking in CSS forum to get more direct and faster support.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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