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  • On my website:

    I’d like to have ads on the left side of the page. I got them in fine. Problem is – I want to nudge them down from the Pages links, and the rendering does not seem to respond to any div margin or br line break tags. If you view the source and search for “sponsosrs” (only one instance), you will see that they are both there, but the ad section is still snug and tight with the Pages links.

    I’m sure there’s a technical reason for this, but a I’m sorta new to all this and can’t figure it out. Can anyone help?


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  • Hi,

    In the div have you tried adding padding to the top?

    like this:

    <div style="padding-top: 20px;">

    That should push the ads down from the top of the div by 20px

    If that still doesn’t work you can try adding the marge to the <h2>
    like this:

    <h2 style="margin-top: 20px;">Sponsors</h2>

    Watch out if you set the margin-top for the h2 in the style.css as that will change the layout for all the h2 tags in the site.

    Post back here if that doesn’t work, but it should do.

    Good luck!


    Thank you so much, Ben! The h2 margin worked like a charm. Do you know why none of the div tags, or even the br line breaks, would work?

    So it worked on trial one, but when I played with it some more, it failed me again. Then I started fidgeting around with the values, and I have confirmed that, actually, everything we’ve talked about works (padding, line breaks, margins, etc.) – but they just all start from the “Home” Pages link. So it takes an excessive amount of padding/margin/line breaks to bring the h2 “Sponsors” down.

    This perplexes me, as someone who has only worked primarily with HTML in the past, because I wonder why the h2 “Sponsors” doesn’t overlap with the Pages links when the margins/paddings/line breaks are all zero?

    Thanks again for your help!

    Hi again,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean (not got my thinking cap on at the mo. lol)

    I was just wondering if you’ve got everything sorted now?

    No problem – sorry for being cryptic! Let me show you what I mean:

    The distance I’ve marked X in the image is the distance in pixels that is established when using the div tag margin or padding. So, all the following seem to make the distance I’ve marked X to be 200 pixels:

    <div style="padding-top: 200px;">
    <div style="margin-top: 200px;">
    <h2 style="margin-top: 200px;">


    I find this confusing, because it then seems that the entered padding/margin has no regard for the Pages links (“Home”, “About”, “Forums”) – it just behaves as if they were not there. The <br> line breaks seem to exhibit the same behavior.

    I am further confused, because even when these margins/paddings are set to zero px, the ads are still BELOW the Pages links, and they are not in the same place. Meaning sometimes, it seems to pay attention to, but other times, it just has no regard for, the Pages links.

    Help, please! =D

    Thanks again!!

    Right I see what you mean now but unfortunately I can’t explain this any more then you can! Maybe someone with more knowledge then me can help you out.

    I’ve just had a look at your site and seems as if you’ve got it working?

    Yep, thanks to you! =)

    Hi, I also have a little problem with my header. I deleted some things from the style.css file, because I wanted to customize my template..(a different image). Now it looks like this:
    #header {
    background: #006699 url(images/headerbackground.gif) top repeat-x;
    padding: 62px 0px 26px 25px;

    #menu { .
    Ok, so, initially after #header, there was a #header h2, a #header h2 a, a #header hd:a hover, and a #header h3. I still have them as backup, but now they’re gone from the style.css I’m using. THE PROBLEM: whenever I access my site with Internet Explorer, at first, the header appears fine, as I want it, but if I scroll down until I can’t see the header anymore and then go back again, the image appears only about 60% (from the top down) and the rest is just white.
    the link is
    Do you know what I should do to make the header stay ok even with Internet Explorer? (..with Firefox it’s fine)


    I’m not sure what you mean? Can you show a picture of it under IE? When I look under IE it displays just a thin blue lign which doesn’t appear under FF.

    Sure, here’s a screenshot:
    It only does this after you scroll down the page, and then go back up again.

    Right I see what you mean now, problem is when I view it under IE on my laptop this doesn’t happen.

    This is what I see in IE:

    I’m not sure why you’re having this trouble have you validated the xhtml, etc..?

    I didn’t validate the xhtml but if it works with Firefox, in my opinion is should also work with IE.. 🙁 I gave the link to a friend, and asked him whether the header looks fine after he scrolls down the page. And it doesn’t.. it looks just like in my screenshot. So I’m not the only one with that error.. Did you actually scroll down to the bottom of the page and then go up again?

    I’ve checked it again in IE (scrolled down, changed page…) and also in FF, Opera & Netscape and the header always looks fine to me.

    Sorry I can’t help more, all I can suggest is validating the xhtml, and then asking other people to see if they have the same problem.

    Good luck!

    Thanks 🙂

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