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  • Resolved BigDogSF


    Hi…thanks for the excellent plugin. I have two questions:

    1. I’m using a jquery slider that is at the top of most of my pages. I noticed that it hangs up sometimes and only loads after the rest of the page loads. This issue was happening prior to installation of Autoptimize.

    In reading the sliders docs it states that errors of this nature are due to missing wp_header or wp_footer calls. I see the footer call “<?php wp_footer(); ?>” in the place as described by the plugin docs, but the header call “<?php wp_head(); ?>” is not as described…it is (<?php } ?>

    Does Autoptimize remove the “wp_head();” header call?

    2. How big is too big for the cache? 100 records? 1000 records?


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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    1. autoptimize does not interfere with wp_head, but all javascript in head (put there by plugins using wp_head) is aggregated and (by default) loaded later. you could either exclude the slider’s javascript (and jquery as well, as that’ll probably be a dependancy) or you could “force in head”

    2. no definitive answer; depends on the amount of disk space you have available to you. if you have a large number of autoptimized (js-)files in your cache, that could be due to some random (or page-specific) javascript being added (probably inline) by a plugin. in that case you’d be better off excluding that from being autoptimized (also beneficial to your visitors, as else they would have to load another autoptimize_xyz.js file with each page request).

    hope this helps,

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