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  • Im using the ‘this just in’ theme but have no idea how to change the header image for one of my own.I guess my question is how do I change it? and how do I upload my new one? …..anyone help,please keep it simple as I am that way to……..cheers all

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  • the simplest way for your theme would be to create a header image with the same dimensions
    your current one is located here

    name your new one the same and upload it over old one
    new header will show up without changing any code

    Hi Samboll

    cheers for your time bud,but as your about to become aware I really am fairly slow on the uptake here……so….I understand what your saying…but….where do I find this? /wp-content/themes/this-just-in/images/header_images/header3.jpg…..Bet you wish you hadn’t answered now eh

    sorry fella

    hi use your ftp client or host’s file manager to find it

    cheers bud,all the best

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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