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  • Hey all. I have a couple issues. First and foremost is site width. I’ve got the site set to run boxed but when I load it the navigation bar is sticking out on both sides which is less than desirable. Is there a way to force this to the width of the rest of the page?

    Likewise I’m having trouble getting rid of the space between the header and the top of the page. There’s another post here about it and I tried some of that code with a custom CSS plugin but it further messed with the width of the navigation bar so I thought I’d leave it all alone and post here for help.

    Site is

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  • Theme Author Greg Priday


    I’ve heard a few requests to be able to change the site width. I’ve started making small changes to make this possible. I’ll probably add it as an option within the next few versions.

    The header spacing is something was quite difficult to change in older versions of Vantage, but things are a little easier in the latest version. What version are you running?

    I’m also interested in changing the page width.

    Hi Greg. I’m running 1.1.2.

    I’m not entirely worried about changing site width right now. I’m fine with the boxed setup. Removing the padding above the header is my chief concern with that.

    Other than that, can you advise one why the navigation bar is sticking out on both sides of the boxed setup? Initially I thought it was because I had too much content in the navigation bar but after removing stuff it continues to stick out past the edges.

    Theme Author Greg Priday


    The premium version of Vantage has a customizer setting that lets you change the top and bottom margin. In the free version though, you can achieve the same thing with a little custom CSS.

    header#masthead hgroup {
       padding-top: 20px;
       padding-bottom: 20px;

    Just change 20px to what ever suits you.

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you why the nav bar is sticking out without seeing what’s going on. I’m still seeing a splash page when I visit your site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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